Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

So Easter at our house was a little different this year. I actually had to work on Easter and Scott was to take the kids to church but the stomach bug has lived on our house for the last week and was live and kicking on Sunday so the kids had to stay home. Scotts mom had made SS the cutest little dress and I was so disappointed that she did not get to wear it.
The nasty bug finally hit everyone in our house and has moved on to our parents so I am thinking we are now in the clear!!!
This week I was only scheduled to work Tuesday and Wed so I have been home with the kids most of the week which has been nice.
I told Scott that since we did not get to spend Easter together I wanted to dress the kids up Monday and do baskets and take some pics. Before Scott got home we attempted to take pics but SS refuses to look at the camera and smile these days and Hamp just gets a little frustrated with me!! They looked cute though.

When Scott got home we gave them what the Easter bunny had delivered.

The only thing that SS was interested in was her "fo fiss" (gold fish).

This pic below cracked me up...the look on Hamps face is so cute...he really wants that hat from SS.

Although Easter was not "the traditional Easter" God still reigns. The meaning is still the same...He conquered the grave and that is what I want SS and Hamp to always know about Easter. Yes the Easter bunny comes with great gifts but the real reason is to rejoice and give thanks to our Lord for what he has done for us!!
So on an end note...the kids will be rockin there Easter outfits this Sunday!!!


  1. SO sad to have missed you Thurs because of that awful stomach bug! Hope you're feeling better. LOVE the pics - they are growing so big!! Where did Scott's mom get that fabric? I love it!!

  2. I love their outfits! They are so cute! SS is really starting to look like a little girl and her hair is getting so long! :o) Hampton is just a cutie...his facial expressions are too funny! :o)

  3. REALLY CUTE KIDS!! I miss you today! Hope the boys are having fun:)

    Can you send me some details about SS dress? Could I possibly get one for MB?

  4. Their outfits are adorable! Scott's mom did a fabulous job! Your kids are such cuties! :)