Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy 4 months Hampton

** So this week has not been much fun...the stomach flu landed on SS Monday night and then jumped to Scott Wednesday night. SS started back with diarrhea Thursday and well its still hanging on...Errr! Im crossing my fingers that Hamp and I completely avoid this.
So in the middle of all our sickness Sarah Scott turned 20 months old and today Hamp is 4 months old. I have decided to stop the monthly "SS turned however many" bc I cant say she is 35 months old one day. We will resume at the big 2!!
Happy 4 months Hamp!

So Hamp Man can you believe it you are 4 months old. Mommy and daddy cannot believe how much you have grown and how unbelievably fast this time has gone by. You are one sweet baby and you LOVE you some mommy...I like to brag about that!! Sarah Scott loves you to pieces and tries really hard to be your mommy. She likes to help hold your bottle and bring you your paci when you cry. She always makes sure to kiss you goodnight too. You love to watch TV with her. SS never liked TV until she was well over 1 but you are captivated by it.
What you are up to these days:
* 16lbs
* Size 3-6 month clothes
* Size 3 diapers during the day and we put 4 on you at night
* 4 ...7 ounce bottles a day
* Sleep from about 830 until I wake you up at 8 in the morning
* Take 2 naps a day sometimes 3
* You continue to roll from your tummy to back in the crib when you get mad
* You are very ticklish on your side and under your neck
* Sleep very well on your tummy at night
* We rock you at night and mommy sings to you..You like to rest your cheek up against mine to fall asleep
* The most exciting thing is you started rice cereal yesterday. I feel like you are a big boy now that you are eating some solids! You did really well as you see below you liked it!!

We love you Hampton Cole. You are our sweet little boy and the perfect son! Slow down your growing...mommy wants to rock you to sleep for a long time!


  1. he is so so so so cute!!
    i could just eat him up!

    i hope you all get the sickness out of your house!!
    i love you and miss you!!

  2. I'm so sorry you guys are sickly! yuck:( go away stomach bug!

    your kids are just the cutest! I really wish you lived close:)

    I can't believe Hampton weighs 16 lbs!! MB weighs 16.8 and she's 3.5 months older! Too funny:) I'm glad he likes his cereal! Give SS a squeeze for me:)

  3. That's the first smile I've got to see out of the HampMan, awesome!

    Kellen liked TV early too, but he only seemed to like the NFL channel or dance shows (yes, it confuses me a bit too, but at least one of them was the NFL channel)

  4. I am just getting to catch up with the blog world! :o) Little Hampton is just growing to fast! :o) He is such a cutie and I can't wait to get my hands on him again! :o) Hope everyone is feeling better! Can't wait to see you!