Monday, March 29, 2010

A haircut, birthday party and fun at the park

So its Tuesday and this blog is dated for yesterday. I started it yesterday and for some reason I was unable to upload my photos so I put it aside with all intentions of finishing it last night...WELL are evening did not go as planned. SS started throwing up around 10:30 until 4 this morning and Hamp woke up around midnight screaming until about 5:30. Needless to say not the evening that we had planned so I never finished my blog. SS is doing better not more throwing up and I am praying this bug stops with her. Hamp...well not sure what is wrong with him. I took him to see the MD and he has fluid on his ear...nothing new...but it is not infected....just praying for a better night tonight.

So now for the blog that I started it is!!

We had a wonderful time together as a family this weekend. Since I am working some now I have worked a couple of weekends and having this one free with Scott and the kids was wonderful. We did not do anything too exciting but spending time together is always fun!
So Scott has been talking on and on about Hamp loosing some of his hair. It really drives him crazy that he has that hole in the back of his head that all babies get and that he lost all his hair on one side from the way he sleeps at night. I hear about this constantly and about how much he wants to cut his hair. Well his wishes came true Friday. You know how people tell you to pick your battles....this is not one I felt was worth picking so Scott shaved Hamps hair Friday. I was a little sad bc I LOVED the fact that my little man had hair but there was part of me that agreed he was loosing quite a bit of it. Hamp did really well but now is my bald little man.

The finished product and a proud daddy!

We spent some time outside letting SS draw on the driveway...figured that was better than the dining room table she got caught drawing on the other day!!

Sat morning we went to my favorite place for breakfast and SS enjoyed an egg and cheese omelet and grits and I enjoyed sinful blueberry pancakes!!Mmmmmmm

We got some yard work done while the kids were napping and Sat night went to my parents to celebrate my dads bday. We had a wonderful time with family and Poppy let Addi and SS run off some energy outside. Hamp was in a great mood all night and smiling for everyone.

Sunday was pretty low key. We went to church and then enjoyed yummy Mexican with a friend. SS will tear up Mexican these days...chips, cheese dip, guacamole dip and cheese quesadilla, bean dip and sour cream was her meal. I swear her belly looked like it was going to pop when we left. She was entertaining the table behind us the entire time. She would turn around and say "hey" "bieee"..aka bite..she would offer them everything that she had!

So now its Monday...this kids are down for a nap after spending some time with Poppy and Grammie at the park. While we were there I tried to get a few pics of Hamp in the grass...SS decided it would be fun to climb on top of him....while she said "babee, babee, babee."

Hamp took it well and never screamed!!

Well that was our weekend...looking forward to a better rest of the week than the way it started!

I see that I did receive an award for my blogger friend Jennifer
This is the award:

The rules for this award are:
1 -- When you have received this award you must thank the person that awarded you the award in a new post.
2 -- Name 10 things that make you happy
3 -- Pass this award onto 10 bloggers and inform them

Jenn thank you so much. You have done so good with your blog and I only hope to be like you when I grow up!!!:) I love reading it and keeping up with you and the you!

10 things that make me happy:
1. My Savior who gave his life for me...without him I am nothing
2. My husband...he is my rock and my best friend
3. My children...the most precious I love them!
4. My family...they all mean the world to me and I am thankful for our close relationship
5. Aerobics...step that is...miss it like crazy and wish I had more time for it
6. My praise and worship music....brings a peace over me
7. chocolate....oh goodness I love it
8. a clean house and nice yard..honestly that can make or break my attitude sometimes
9. shopping...its therapy
10. My friends...I have the best

Bloggers to be awarded:

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  1. I have just had time to sit here and catch up on things with you. Ha, its funny we keep intouch through our blogs now. Your family is so beautiful <3 Love & Miss you