Wednesday, March 3, 2010

19months and 3 months

Happy 3 months today Hampton Cole!

Hamp is growing like a weed. Precious precious precious is about all I can say about my little man. I love that little boy so much I just cant explain it..and let me tell you he loves his momma. He gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees me and I just eat it up! Its so hard to believe that it has been 3 months since he was time flies.
Hampton you are :
*15lbs(weighed you today)
*Eating every 4 hours during the day (8AM,12pm,4pm and 8pm) and drinking a 6oz bottle.
*I put you to sleep after your 8pm bottle and you will sleep until around 5:30. At that time I just put your paci in your mouth and you will sleep until 7:45 or 8.
*Wearing a size 2 diaper. You have been peeing through your diapers the last week or so and I have had to change you and your sheets in the middle of the night several times. Ive tried all the little recommendations....making sure your little weenie is pointing down..haha and I even put a maxi pad in your diaper...nothing worked. The last thing we are trying is just going up an entire size to give you more coverage...we will see how that works tonight!!
* I tried you on juice but you are not so fond of it right now...I'm still working on you.
*You are smiling and laughing at us now. Every morning I wake you up and put you on the changing table...after a few yawns you open your eyes and give me the biggest smile..what a perfect start to the day.
*Wearing size 3-6 month clothes.
*Napping 10-12 and 2-4 during the day with a cat nap about 6 to 6:30.
* You really enjoy bath time and don't mind the water on your face.

You are a growing boy and momma and daddy love you very very much. I hope you will always be a mommas boy!!

Happy late 19 months Sarah Scott
Sarah Scott you are 19 months old. We don't have a Feb 30th so we will say the 28th you turned 19 months old.

You are such a joy and mommy and daddy love love love you. You make us laugh everyday with the things that you do and say. You love your brother so much and help mommy take care of him all the time. You are a sweet big sister and mommy appreciates all your help.
Sara Scott you are:
*weighing somewhere around 22 lbs
* Still sleeping through the night going down about 8 or 8:30 BUT you now wake up about 7:15 or more sleeping until 8:30 or 9.
* In size 4 diapers
* Wearing 18 month clothes and in a size 4 shoe.
* Love to play in the bath with the "wahwer"
* Still Bar-ee's biggest fan
*You talk so much... I promise you talk more than any 19 month old I have ever met. People comment on how well you are one smart girl. Or as you would say "mart"
*You say so many words now that mommy cant even right them all down. The cutest thing that you do now is when we ask you where Jesus lives you point to you heart and say "art" is so sweet and that made mommy really proud.
* You love to read. You come up to anyone with a book and say "Reee" and sit in their lap...but after about 3 words in the book you are ready to move on to the next!

Sarah Scott and Hampton,

Mommy and daddy never dreamed we would have 2 little ones in our house over 2 years but we could not have asked for anything more exciting. Both of you are our world our sweet little angels. We love both of you more than you will ever understand. XOXO


  1. first off...hampton looks just like you :o)


    SS hair in that pic....
    it def. has to go in her wedding video :o)

    love you...

  2. We had the same problem with Kellen peeing through his diaper at night....we did just what you are doing and got him a bigger size for night! :o) Little boys are so much fun! :o) They are both just too cute! :o)

  3. SS's hair is AWESOME!! You should do it like that more often. By the way, the water looks really cool in that picture... sorry, I have a tendency to notice random stuff.