Monday, February 22, 2010

Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan

That's the concert that Scott and I went to over the weekend. Scott really likes JAldean and we have been talking about this concert since before Hamp was born. We had decided back in Nov that this could be our first date night out but we were unable to get tickets. We have been looking on ebay since the concert sold out but lost out on a few bids and others just did not like the seats for the price.
I am not much of a concert person so I was not too disappointed but I knew that Scott wanted to go and it would be fun for the 2 of us to have some alone time. The concert was Sat night and we made plans to have a sitter knowing that if we did not go to the concert we would just have a night out to dinner. All day Sat Scott was watching ebay and Craig's list..lost out on a few tickets to other higher bids and again just not willing to put a lot of money into the tickets. The concert started at 8 and around 530 a guy called offering us a great deal on tickets that we had turned down (due to price) several hours before. The tickets were pit tickets and we made the decision to go. I quickly shaved my legs put on a dress and some boots and we dropped the kids off at my parents. Hit up the Mexican rest for some grub and headed to the concert. We were right up against the stage. I have never been so close to anyone at a concert. It was the best time and totally worth our efforts in trying to get tickets.
I recently have been talking to Scott about us spending time together...taking a vacation just the 2 of us etc.... A dear friend of mine is struggling in her marriage right now and told me that Scott and I need to do more on our own and really "Invest in our marriage." I think that is so true for anyone who has children...its so easy to get caught up in everyday living and forget about spending quality time with your spouse.
So all that to say we laugh that the money spent on tickets was well worth it and an investment in our marriage!!!

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  1. The night sounds like it was a lot of fun! Time goes so fast and I often forget when the last date Matt and I even went on! :o) Other than the ones for special occasions! :o) Give kisses to Hamp and SS from me and Kellen! Kellen has started to give kises and hugs now so it will be fun to see what he does with SS next time we see ya'll.