Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thanks Honey!

I have an addiction to a show and some may think its a little cheesy but I really cant help it. I love the show 16 and pregnant. These girls make the mistake of having sex before so many do...and they end up paying the consequences for it. It breaks my heart to see the struggles that they face especially the girls who lack family support. So...the other night I am watching the finale with Dr. Drew and have a few tears here and there when Scott proceeds to tell me who he thinks I look like. This particular girl comes up on TV and he says "there is Deborah Anne." I start busting out laughing and look for the nearest thing to throw at him...he is laughing...I am laughing and he said he thinks that if we added 70+lbs on me and him this would be us!!!!!!

So what do you think is this the future Whitfield's if we don't cut back on the brownies and ice cream...Oh minus the baby:)...LOL!!!!