Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2 months old..celebrated with shots!!

Today my sweet Hampton is 2 months old. Oh how time flies when you are having fun... changing diapers, feeding every 3 hours, being spit up on and having sleepless nights. All of those things that you just have to laugh at as a mother...but...that you love at the end of the day. I am glad to report that the sleepless nights are pretty much gone! Yipee!!!!
Hampton celebrated his 2 month bday with Dr. Gett's....and his gift was being stabbed in the leg with a very long needle 3 times! WOW!
Sarah Scott and Hampton had wellness checks today and I am not sure what I was thinking taking both kids to the MD office by myself when they both needed shots. Thank you Lord for Suzanne (friend that works in the office). She loved on one baby while I loved on the other one after shots.
We got home and I loaded both kids up on Tylenol and put them down for a long nap!!
At our pediatricians office the kids receive a letter from Dr. Gett's with each wellness check up. I love these letters because they are really intended for the parents with all the information that we will need but written to the child. Hampton's letter told him that he needs to start drinking 2-3 ounces of diluted juice several times a day. I cant believe this. Its amazing what all you forget because I don't remember SS having juice that early. I am glad though because maybe this will help him stretch his feedings to every 4 hours.
So Hampton this is what you are up to at 2 months:
*weigh 13lbs 3oz and 23 3/4inches long
*size 1 diapers still but pushing 2
*size 3 months clothing...some 3-6 months
*eating 4 ounces every 3 hours
*Go to sleep around 8 or 830...I wake you for a dream feed around 1030 or 11 and then you will sleep until 530 or 6.
*sleeping on your tummy and loving it
*You nap well during the day but I have not got you on a nap schedule yet...we are working on that
*started really smiling and cooing at about 7 weeks.
* You rolled over from tummy to back at 5 weeks but have not done this again
* Had your first out of town trip last Atl for the day

Hamp man we love you to pieces. You make my heart melt with that smile. You are our "little man." Mommy and daddy love you more that you know. Sarah Scott loves being your mommy too and I can't wait for the day that the 2 of you can play together. We love you Hampton!

...Sarah Scott has been under the weather for the last 2 days. She woke up Monday with a green nose and it has not resolved yet. This morning she was pitiful. She knows that her mommy can't stand to see boogers in her nose and well right now she is full of them. I have been using saline spray in her nose since she was little and she does not mind me using it. Yesterday she was trying to use it herself and it was so cute.

After cleaning up her nose this AM I made her some breakfast and got her a spot on the floor with some Bar-eee!!! She was a happy camper.

Update: SS today at Dr. Gett's you weighed 22lbs 15oz and you were 31 1/4inches long.
Hope you feel better sweet angel girl!!


  1. they are so stinkin' cute :o)

    i miss you guys!!

  2. I am sorry SS is not feeling well. Kellen woke up Monday with a green gucky nose too! I was so happy because he had been healthy pretty much since I took him out of daycare, but now he is starting to get a nasty cough! Maybe it was the kisses they shared! :o) Thanks for making the trip to the ATL.