Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take me away

The kids are down for a nap and I am staring at dirty clothes, toys, anything and everything sitting on my dining room table, a dirty bathroom and have decided I want to be somewhere else right now. My house needs cleaning so bad and I just have not had the energy to do it. Hardwoods are great but the feeling of a piece of dirt on my foot puts me in a rotten mood...ask Scott he will agree!! So needless to say I want to be drinking this

Align Center
while someone does this to my feet

this to my back

and this to my face

then when my massage is over I can end it with another glass of this!!

Calgon, red wine whoever or whatever.......TAKE ME AWAY!!!


  1. i agree!!
    wine and a spa day is a must!!!

  2. I am right there with you girl! I only wish that I was a super mom that could keep up with everything! Kellen moves faster than I can clean! :o) Can't wait to see you!

  3. i left something for you on my blog :o)