Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Way Behind

We will start off this blog with a shout out from Sarah Scott as she takes a break from "ree" aka reading!
Oh how I have slacked with this blog the last several weeks. I just cannot find the time to sit down and write like I want. Yes I have more days that I am home with Hamp and SS but when they are down for a nap I want to nap:)!
I want to start off saying that I really appreciate all the prayers for me with my job and being away from the kids. I will say that my job is getting better. The Lord has really helped me understand some of the personalities that I work with which has made my days there much easier. I worked Sat and Sunday and my shift was to end at 730...however the weekend was crazy and both nights I did not leave until around 9..which means that I did not see the kids from Friday night until Monday morning. It was hard but I kept telling my self that this week I am home with them all but 2 days. I am really trying to look at all the positives of this job and not focus so much on the fact that overall its not where I want to be. The kids were home all weekend with super dad..lol...and that always puts my mind at peace. He does such a wonderful job with them and SS loves time with her daddy. Keep praying for me please but know that your prayers have already started to work...thank you thank you!
There is not to much to report from the Whitfield house. Each day is filled with diaper changes, feeding, crying, laughing, napping, Bar-eee and more!!!
Hamp is growing like a weed and I swear sometimes I could just eat him he is so adorable. SS makes us laugh all day everyday. She says some of the funniest things and her little personality is great. She is a little drama queen and hyper...my heavens the child is hyper. My mom tells me that watching the 3 grandchildren on Wed is not hard...but the only thing that makes her tired is all the energy that SS has.
I was telling Scott today that I feel like I use to be able to leave SS for a min or go and run to the bathroom or to another room in the house. I could walk away and not worry that she would get in to anything...different story now. She is coloring on the carpet, hardwoods and her now. Twice I heard Hamp cry and turn around to see her trying to feed him juice from her cup or stuffing her toothbrush down his throat as she says "teeth mommy teeth." I remind her very quickly to not do that and that HE HAS NO TEETH!!!:) Besides if he did have teeth don't share your toothbrush that is gross...well that confuses her bc all I am trying to teach her lately is TO share...poor child she is so confused!
This is a pic of SS showing me where her teeth are!

Now she is showing me where her ear is!

Here we are pretending to floss our teeth!

Hamp is cooing all the time and laughing. I will have to admit that boy loves his momma..not bragging or anything..Scott will agree with me he is very attached to me right now but I love it. Hes my little man. He is on an antibx for ear infection #2. Last week he was really not feeling well..fussy, pulling at his ears and not eating at all but now that he has been on his antibx he is back to his normal appetite. We put him in his jumping johnny for the first time last week and this is the first look we get...

then the look went to this...

Needless to say he did not really know what to think so we put SS in it...yes she is way to big for it...she loved it though she was swinging herself all around...I was waiting for her to pull the ceiling down with her!
Hamp LOVES watching TV. That is something SS never cared about until around 14 months old but Hamp will watch it all day...this is him this morning watching Dinosaur Train!

I mean really don't you just want to kiss those cheeks.
Here is 1 more pic of my sweet man...enjoy it and enjoy your week. I am looking forward to Poppies (my dad) bday and a weekend spent with the family!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. oh my goodness...i could eat hampton all up :o)
    he is a doll and those cheeks...yummy!!!

    i love you girl and i'm praying for you continually -- i cant wait to see you all!!!

  2. That picture of SS grabbing her tooth is absolutely precious.

    And Hamps cheeks are AWESOME... do they jiggle when he shakes his head?

  3. I LOVE his cheeks! and of course SS is adorable! I hope to see you guys when you're here! Call me with details:)

  4. Oh, Deborah Anne...I miss yall so much!!! Those cheeks are to DIE for!!! SS hair is getting SO long and I just love the picture of her flossing. You're so wonderful!! I'll continue to pray for you!! Love you lots and lots!!

  5. Oh they are just too cute! I just want to kiss on little hamp's cheeks! :o) Can't wait to see you all! :o)

  6. Sending prayers!!!

    Love the pictures- so cute!!!