Monday, June 7, 2010

Hamp Man is 6 months old

Sorry sweet Hamp man mommy is a little late with this post. You turned 6 mths old on June 3rd. We went to see Dr.Getts on Friday for your 6 month check up. He told mommy that you were officially in the " big boy" category. I agree you are definitely a big baby but I love gives mommy something to squeeze. Lets go over what you are up to these days.

*19lbs 6oz
*27.5 inches long
*most clothes are 12 months but in pants and shorts its 9 months
*started you on baby food on Friday night. You looked at me a little weird at first...I think you were shocked with the taste...but you are loving it now.
*still sleeping about 8 to 8 with a AM nap from 10 or so on and then a 2 to 3 hour PM nap starting at 2pm.
* you love to laugh and make the most hilarious noise when you laugh. It almost sounds like you are choking but its just you sweet man!!
*love laughing at your sister. I think you are amazed at the things she does to you and I am amazed at what you put up with!
*size 3 diapers and size 4 night diapers
*still eating 4 8oz bottles a day.
*you have 2 bottom teeth
*love holding your feet
* talking all the time. Right now you say "dah-thah"

Hampton like I tell you all the time. We love you so much and are so happy to be your parents. I absolutely love kissing you and squeezing those cute little cheeks.


  1. I can't believe his hair!!! It is so cute! Can he really be 6 months already? I love the pics. It is time to start planning another get together. Hope to see you soon!

  2. SO sweet!!!!! He is just precious!! It is so unbelievable to me that he is 6 months now!!! I know that you are enjoying him so much!! Miss you!!