Monday, June 28, 2010

Fathers Day 2010...a little late

I know I am MAJOR late with this post. We had a wonderful fathers day but never made time to sit and blog bc the kids and I left for the beach the next day....a later post!!

I think Scott really enjoyed his Father's Day. Last year he got a book of his first year as a father. It had pics of SS from her first month and worked its way through Father's Day. I really did not want to repeat the same gift but the more I thought about it....this Father's Day is just as special because it is his first FD being a father of 2. I started the book with Fathers Day last year and included each month leading up to this year. It was so neat to see the changes in Sarah Scott over the year and then introduce Hamp man in to the pic!!! Scott was not very surprised bc the mailman delivered the book one day while Scott was home with lunch but oh well! I think the book was a big hit and I feel a little tradition coming!
A couple of pics below of the book!!

I think alot about Scott as a father. He had a great dad himself and I am very thankful for the morals that his dad instilled into him. Scott is the best father my children could ask for. He spends quality time with them and desires more than anything to be with them. He loves them unconditionally and will guide them down the path the Lord has made for them.
We love you Scott!!

Another thing I did this year was make a brag book for my dad and Scott's dad. The book was similar to Scott's but smaller and had pics of them with the kids. Now they ALWAYS have pics with them and can show anyone and everyone their precious grandkids!!

To my dad...I love you dearly and thank you for being the dad that you are. You have a huge heart and would sacrifice your time to always help and give to others. You have a servants heart. I know that you love me and now extend that same love to my children. They love their Poppy and I love you!!
To my father n law...thank you so much for loving me like your own. Thank you for giving me Scott and thank you for being a wonderful example for him.

...yes I know there is not a pic of Scott and SS but she was in a not so great mood and refused pics except for the ones you see here...the others are of her screaming...ahhhhh the wonderful two's!!

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