Thursday, July 8, 2010

7 months old

Hampton turned 7 months old 7/3. We had company in town so I have not been able to sit and blog lately....that will be a separate post. It is so hard to believe that Hampton has been with us for 7 months. I feel like time with him is going by so much faster than it did with Sarah Scott at this age. Maybe because I am so busy with both of them that I don't have time to!!
He is such a joy and such a happy baby. He is either eating, sleeping or talking and laughing. He only cries when he is hungry, sleepy or wants his momma. Not bragging but he loves his momma. Tonight in fact I left to run an errand..he was in his bouncy when I left...started screaming when I walked out the home an hour later and he is sitting with Scott, tears running down his face and trying to calm down from crying so much. Momma picks him up and he looks at Scott with a BIG smile on his face! I love it!!!!

So Hampton what are you up to these days!
*weigh 20lbs 6oz
* love baby food. You are not like your sister at will eat peas and green beans...anything!
* Sleeping 8-8 with a nap in the AM and afternoon.
* size 4 diapers
*12 month clothes
* say "Thaa thaa" all the time
* starting to sit can stay up for about 8 seconds then you will fall over...unless you have something to hold on to
* you LOVE to stand and just jump...its your favorite
* still eating 4 8oz bottles a day and baby food for breakfast and dinner
*really starting to laugh at Sarah Scott...she will get in your face and blow on you and you just laugh and laugh at her.

We love you dearly little man. You fill my heart with such joy. I love cuddling with you and getting kisses from you. We love you Hampton!!


  1. Isn't it the sweetest that little boys love their mommas so much!! I love it, too!! So glad to see you're doing well. Hamp is getting SO big!!!! Miss you lots!

  2. I can't believe how big he is! :o) He is so cute! :o) Miss you all...hope to see you soon!

  3. i love this lil man!!!!
    boys do love their mommas =)