Friday, July 30, 2010

Sarah Scott is 2!!

Happy Birthday to you Sarah Scott!!

2 years ago mommy and daddy got to love and squeeze you for the first time. You were so little and such a good baby!! I can't believe we have had the privelege of being your parents for 2 years. You are such a joy and keep us smiling and laughing each day. You have grown so much Sarah Scott and you are one beautiful little girl. Mommy and daddy love you more than you know. You are talking non stop now and surprise us each day with things that you say. I have been telling you all day that it is your birthday and you just look at me and smile. You have a Dora birthday party tomorrow and I know you will have such a great time. We love you sweet girl! It's your day today!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sarah Scott! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!