Monday, July 26, 2010

A little bit of this and that

Another Monday over...I feel like I was not very productive today. I don't have too much left to do for SS bday party this weekend. I did realize today that I had SS's tutu for the party but no shirt to go with it. I called Scott's aunt ASAP and got that taken care of. ..with a little battle in the fabric store with SS.
These days SS is sweet...BUT my lawd is she moody. I think this is why I feel like I cant get much done. She goes from smiling and being happy to throwing a toy, stomping her foot and marching off. It really is wearing me out at times and I feel like stomping my foot and walking off too!!! I have tried time out a few times with her but today when I would get on to her she would walk off a few feet, sit on the floor and then look at me and say "sit down." She knew that was getting ready to come out of my mouth. I just look at her and try my best not to laugh....she is too smart!
So last weekend Scott had the kids for a while and when I got home I see her baby on the table with a vaseline bottle beside it....

..Scott tells me that while he was changing Hampton SS put a diaper under her baby and then opened the vaseline container and put it on her baby!! What a sweet little momma!

Sat afternoon we had Addi's bday party. It was a blast and I think that kids had more fun than the adults. They had a huge water slide at the party and SS and Scott loved it.

SS started with Scott helping her from the side. Then Scott decided to join in on the fun. They started at the top...

and this was the end of the slide...

and then this was where they finally landed!!

We put Hamp in the swing for the first time and he LOVED it. He did not make a peep and just sat back and relaxed!!

I cant believe how fast our kids are growing. 4 more days and SS will be 2! WOW! Looking forward to celebrating Dora style!!!

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  1. i love watching the kids grown!!
    love you guys so much!