Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They are growing so fast..17 months and 1 month

I am soooo behind on blogging. Since my last blog SS turned 17 months and Hampton turned one month. Things are going well at the Whitfield house just still learning to adjust to 2 little ones and Hamp's sleeping schedule that he has...well not much of one but we are working on that. As I type this he is next to me in his swaddle and I am praying he goes night night!!!

Sarah Scott turned 17 months 12/30.

She is such a joy but really becoming a handful. She is starting to show her signs of jealousy with Hampton. Acting out in little ways that she has not before. I will be honest and tell you that it really test the little bit of patience that I have but we are working together to get through it. It does break my heart though bc she wants mommy mommy right now bc she sees me holding Hamp. She always kisses on Hamp and will crawl all over him to get to him or poke his eye as she says "eye" and nose and she says "noe." She also really enjoys taking his paci out of his mouth and bringing it to me and saying "papee" and hitting him wherever then kissing him like that makes it all better. I have to try not to laugh and scold her at the same time. Her acting out has consisted of hitting and biting also. I guess she is a work in progress....she is still our sweet little angel....just now with a little attitude!!

A few things about SS at 17 months.
* In size 18 month clothes (although few are 12 months)
* Size 3 shoes
* Size 4 diapers
* weigh 22 lbs.
* Still going down at night at 8:30 but now sleeping until between 9 and 10.
* She is continuing to talk talk talk!! Her vocabulary is amazing for her age. She will repeat anything that we say. Some new things that she is saying is "Elp-ooo" -Help you, "Baa" - back, "auree" - sorry and many many others.
* Expanding your choices of food. Still loves oatmeal, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, yogurt and fruit but now enjoying grits, eggs, pizza and potatoes.
* Bc she is waking up so late she is down to one nap in the afternoon for 2-3 hours.
* Fetish with shoes...loves to put them on then take them off
*loves to brush her teeth...we had to get her a new toothbrush bc she loves to walk around the house and chew on it!

Hampton turned one month on 1/3

A few things about Hampton at 1 month
*13 lbs
*sleeping alot during the day and still working on our nights
* not sure if you want a paci still...its on and off
* drinking 4oz every 3 hours of breast milk and sometimes formula
* struggling with some baby acne right now
*like sleeping on your tummy but mommy only lets you do that during the day when I can see you

Sarah Scott and Hampton,

Mommy and Daddy love you both very much. You are both growing so fast. SS we love to see the excitement in your eyes when you kiss your baby brother. Both of you mean the world to us and we are ready to see you running around and playing together.
Love, Mommy


  1. Little Hampton is growing so fast! :o) I think this about the time Kellen's baby acne kicked in, but cleared up almost as soon as it got here! :o) SS is too cute! I don't know if I could scold her with out giggling. I know that Kellen is getting a little attitude and we have started to have to say no more and then he gives a look that I just want to laugh! :o) Can't wait to see you!

  2. i love them :o)
    missing you all!!

  3. Sooooooooo cute! I love your babies!
    MB weighs 13 lbs and they are 3 months apart! Wow:)

    Miss you!