Friday, January 15, 2010

A new adventure

Yesterday was a good day. Scott was home with us and the morning started off with Scott taking the dogs to the vet for the yearly check up. I never look forward to that visit because it always seems to break the checking account on top of finding out that Tuggle has to have a tumor removed from his eye. Merry late Christmas, early birthday and happy anniversary to us!!
When Scott got home we got ready and ran some errands and had lunch at Cici's. Scott absolutely loves that place and I hate to eat there but I gave in today. SS loved it...she had 2 pieces of pizza, pasta and dessert have been so picky once she is now a little piggy girl!!! She was so good while we were shopping and came home and crashed for a 3 hour nap.
Scott and I have been talking about needing to take her to the park and I was determined to take her while the weather was so pretty. We had dinner plans at Scott's parents so we packed up a little early and headed to the park before dinner.
Sarah Scott absolutely loved the swing. Scott had her going so high I was about to have a heart attack..his response to me was just wait till little man and I play on the swing. That was of no comfort to me!!!:)
She played on the slide and enjoyed that but quickly wanted back on the swing. Below are some pictures of her having a blast.

As you see Hampton enjoyed his first trip to the park catching some shut eye on the bench!

Hampton is continuing to do well. His sleeping at night improved now that I am putting him on his tummy. He is still eating every 3 hours on the dot through the night and all day, HOWEVER last night he slept from 11 to 5:30...may have been a freak thing but we will see tonight!! We are anxious for some smiles from him. He is just precious and I love kissing those sweet cheeks.


  1. Oh my goodness. Miss SS is turning into a little girl! For some reason in these pictures she has lost all "baby" about her! She is too cute! I can't wait to see ya'll in a couple of weeks! :o) It looks like the park was fun!!!

  2. LOVE catching up with the blog. Your frequent writing has encouraged me to pick mine back up!! Glad to know that he's sleeping a bit better. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I remember the sleepless times...they are still fresh in my mind!! Love that SS is loving little adventures. She's really growing up so much!! Hope to see you and talk with you soon!! Much love!!

  3. Great pictures. It certainly looks like SS is having fun... I can't wait to meet the Lil' Hampster!