Tuesday, July 28, 2009

22 weeks

I cant believe it...I am 22 weeks prego. This has gone by so fast and I have not taken one picture of myself, not journaled one time like I did with SS, have not purchased one thing and am no where near a name. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Why is this so normal with the second pregnancy? I really dont like it and I want to be better. Not for me but for this sweet little boy who will see all the things that I did for SS and not for him. Lord help me please!!!!:)
I had a check up yesterday and everything was great. Heartbeat was strong and I did gain 4lbs but that's what eating chocolate moose track ice cream (that Scott got) does I guess. Overall I have done well with weight. If you don't remember I gained 55lbs with SS and really do not want to do that with this one. So far I am at 8lbs. I can deal with that. I really have tried to get some walking in several days a week but it has not been going well. I have been having some lower abd cramping and MD said to stop when that happens. Well Monday SS and I went out I tried to run some (but my "bottom" felt like it was falling out) and then speed walking I started to cramp so we cut it short. I really don't understand it all bc I ran prior to getting prego. I will keep trying and do what I can. I am noticing some swelling already at my ankles....on the days that I am on my feet at the hospital. This got me a little down bc I was so swollen with SS and I don't want that again either. I am keeping my fingers crossed that come winter swelling will not be an issue.
Overall I am feeling very well. Little man is moving around alot and I love love love to feel him. One thing that he does get more than SS did is hearing me sing and read books. I sing and read to SS every night so he gets to enjoy that. I will take some pics soon but for now I am off to get some rest.
Lord I want to thank you for this child that you have blessed Scott and I with. I thank you for a healthy child and one that will come to know you and follow you at an early age. Lord help Scott and I to seek you in all that decisions that we make for his life. Help SS to adjust well. Lord give me peace in knowing that everything with preparing for him will come together and that YOU are in control. Thank you for loving me.

Oh SS turns one on Thursday....whoo hoo.....!!!


  1. I love hearing you say "little man"...I am super excited that ya'll are having a little boy. I can't wait to meet him! :) I am sure that it is a lot harder the 2nd time around...with already having a little one to chase around! :) Thanks for the tip with the avocado...I will have to try that next time I get some! I can't believe that SS will be 1!!! It does not seem possible. See ya soon! :)

  2. Hey Girl! My "bottom" killed me and felt like it was going to fall out with Katie Mae (also my 2nd pregnancy). Only when I tried to speed walk or run. The elliptical and stair stepper seemed to allow me to excercise without the discomfort...it sounds like you may be trying to excercise outside the gym though...just thought I'd share!

  3. I laughed out loud when you said it felt like your "bottom was falling out". I know that exact feeling and experienced it terribly with my second pregnancy. Even getting out of my SUV, I felt like his head was going to come right out...even at 22 weeks! LOL! Sounds like you're doing awesome. It's amazing how we learn from the mistakes we made with our first pregnancies! Like the weight gain...75 lbs with Joshua! ...28 lbs. with Jesse. :) So happy that you're having a boy. Something very special about the bond between a momma and her little boy. I love it...but then again, I don't have anything to compare it to. Congratulations again!