Monday, November 7, 2011

Heck..lets just see what happened this Summer!

I really did not realize how behind I was with this blog. Family is getting on to me for being such a slacker. I talked about in the last post what all I needed to catch up on and now I still need to chat about all those things and our fun fall 2011!!
So lets start with missing Hamp at 18,19,20,21,22 and 23 months. That is "awfable" as SS would say!
18 months...

19 months...

20 months...

21 months...

22 months... ever growing little handsome Hamp man!! Uggghhhh I could just eat him up. We will hold off on the 23 month pic and include that in some November fun (when we get to that point).
Hamp you are growing so fast. Your talking has really taken off but it is so funny to hear you communicate. You say " Hey momma" in a very deep voice, this is followed by blabber of some sort and ends with "momma." Most all conversations with you are this way. You love to point that little finger at me and bow your head some with only your eyes looking up at me and say "No no momma." You are not a biter like SS was but you definitely like to push and we are working on that. In most all 2T clothing, still taking one nap a day and sleeping through the night. A VERY picky eater like SS but we will get to those veggies soon enough.
You are a joy to us Hamp and this little momma hopes that you always love me like you do now...You are a HUGE mommas boy!!! lets back up to May when we went to the Beach with my parents. Hilton Head 2011!
This was a wonderful trip. We got both beach family trips done really before the summer even started which was nice because it was not extremely hot or crowded. The trip included my parents..

my brother and his family...

and us....

The kids had a blast playing together and most of all my parents LOVED the time they were able to spend with the kiddos. They gave each of us a night out without our kids and that was very much appreciated.
Hamp was a little hesitant of the beach but loved the pool and SS was a little fish. They had a lazy river around the pool that she just loved.

Hilton Head 2011 was a success and already looking forward to next year.
NEXT..on to SS 3rd BDay Party..Arial theme!

SS got to pick what theme she wanted and Arial was her choice.

We kept it simple and it turned out wonderful. Slip in slides..cupcakes and friends and family...PERFECT!

We had wonderful friends that came in town (Portman's and Hickman's) for the party and we are always to grateful for them to join us.
After enjoying playing in the water, eating cupcakes and opening gifts we did our tradition of letting the birthday girl/boy hold all the balloons and let them go! I love that little idea and hope that we can always do this!

I leave you, only for a short time, with some cute bath time pics of the kiddos!! Whitfield's fun fall to follow:)


  1. love the update! The kids are adorable:) You look great too!

  2. I can't believe how much Hampton is changing! :o) I can't believe he is almost 2!!! We love being able to come and visit ya'll...I just wish we could do it more often! :o) Hugs & Kisses to the kiddos!

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