Monday, August 15, 2011

This girl in my life...

..that refuses to smile and look in the camera at the same time is just precious.

So I am fully aware that I have been slack, lazy..well...any other word you would like to call it. It has been over 3 months since my last blog and my children are still growing month by month. I guess I think that if I stop blogging for a while they will freeze at their age and wait on me to get back on the band wagon...NOT!!!
I have missed Hamp growing, a visit to the beach with my parents, bdays (Scott, mine and SS), our anniversary and who knows what else. I will eventually catch back up to all that but I had to first give a shout out to my precious 3 year old that has really blown my mind lately. I swear we woke up overnight and she was like 15 or 16...but not 3!
SS turned 3 on July 30th and we had a wonderful bday party for her. She loves all things princess so we went to Walmart and she could decide between any princess that she wanted and Arial was her pick. We had a little get together at my parents with a slip n slide and just outdoor fun for the kids. SS loved seeing everyone and we had special friends that traveled from Atl and Greenville to visit.
So what kind if prompts me to want to blog about SS before catching you up on our lives is the fact that this child talks nonstop. She says some of the cutest things like recently telling me out of the blue that she got her belly button from the grocery store, or it randomly being my birthday as she greets me at the door with the Happy Birthday song or that sweet look right before she says "mommy you my best friend." SS started talking pretty early and I feel that she could really carry on a conversation with us before some kids her age....maybe its just because she is mine but other people have told us that too.
**Side note...she is proving that if you do things like walk and talk earlier than expected that being potty trained just comes whenever she feels like other words LATE!!! But that's for another paragraph.
So back to the talking...well SS has really come up with some funny things lately and talking with her is just so much fun. Spending 5min with her you discover such an imagination and it makes me smile.
She loves to cook for us and takes it very serious that you try her "recipe" as she calls it. Lots of things are recipes...she pulled out a new memory game and looked at the directions and said "hmmm the recipe says tooooo." Every morning or after afternoon nap when you get her up she says "hey mommy I took a good nap" move her to the changing table to change that dern diaper she still wears, and she says "I love you mommy it sure is a beautiful day out there." heehee!!!
Today we were out on the front porch and a man ran by the house. Immediately Hamp and SS start yelling "hey, hey" well he runs by and about 20 min later comes back by the house. SS yells "hey you glad your back" and then yells hey about 10 times (he cant hear her listening to music). She then looks at me with such a confused face and says "mommy I'm tryin to tell that boy hey and he not listening."
SS is very big on time right now and she will ask all day long what time it is. She will look at a clock and either ask what time it is or guessing means putting several numbers together and then adding o'clock to it.....for instance "ummm I think its 895 o'clock. Or "mommy just give me 5 4 more minutes."
SS loves to be a mommy to Hamp and will put that finger right in his face and say "buddy I told you not to do that." Usually that will be followed by a nice pop on the hand which then causes SS to get "a pop" from ME...the real mommy...I have to remind SS of that. Tonight actually we were at Target and Hamp and her were in the cart and she spanked his hand for something and I spanked her back reminding her that I was Hamp's mommy not her. She was quick to tell me "no mommy I'm his mommy." I'm sure you know how that conversation ended!!!
SS has a bossy side to her...that is something I try to work on but it is so funny.
Several times in the line at the grocery store she will look at the person behind us and kindly say "you have to wait your turn." Yes SS that is true they do have to wait but WE DONT HAVE TO TELL THEM THAT!!! I get so embarassed when she says that but now I can catch it before she gets it out of her mouth....I know its coming!! She also loves to tell on kids...."mommy look at all those kids" she will say "those kids are not being nice." Yesterday at the park she put her hands on her hips and looked at a little boy and said "my daddy said spitting was NOT nice!" Along with that bossiness she tells me how to drive...what color the lights are, if I can go or stop, if Im driving to fast and the funniest is "mommy, daddy says that you can go right on red!" She even recently corrected the Sunday school teachers hand washing skills with a nice "no my mommy says that we wash our hands like this" followed by SS's demonstration to Ms.Angie of how to correctly wash your hands!!!
BUT with that bossiness she has a heart of gold and a big tender spot in that heart of hers. One that always always tells her mommy and daddy how much she loves them and has many many kisses to give away. She loves to be held and "rubbed" as she calls it. She loves her "brother her big boy" precious is that!
I really could just go on and on about how precious she is. She is growing so much so fast and I want to cherish each moment that I have with her. She is so aware of the days that I go to work. I am home with the kids a good bit but several days a week I work and that makes SS ask me every night after we pray.. "mommy who am I going to see tomorrow"...that means do I have to go stay with Bebe and grandad. She loves being with them but she also knows that means mommy is working. If I tell her she is staying home with me I usually get a big hug followed by "ooooh mooooomy I love you." If I tell her that mommy has to work and she will be with Bebe and Grandad I usually get "ooooh moooomy I gonna miss you." :) Breaks my little heart every time!!
I love love love being a momma to this little girl. She is my heart and someone I pray that I mold into a precious women of God. She is so extremely outgoing, joyful and full of so much energy.
So with all this growing up this weekend our goal is to get her big girl bed up. SS has been in a crib (we skipped the toddler bed) and now its time I feel to move on to a big bed. We went tonight and let her pick out some princess sheets. She told Scott this morning "see daddy (pointing to her crib) I don't need a big girl bed I have a bed." I'm hoping princess sheets will be a motivation to get in the big bed!!!
So once this is done we cross our fingers to move on to NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!!
Why rush it right that means she really is growing up....something I'm not sure I want to happen. I want my sweet SS to always fit in my lap, let me rock her to sleep, beg for me to hold her, whisper she loves me in my ear and call her me best friend.
A momma can wish right??
I love you Sarah Scott!


  1. Oh Deborah Anne...she really is the cutest little thing! I still think her hugging you and saying "this is the bestest birthday ever Mommy" at her party is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! :o)It was so good to see you guys! We need to get together again soon! :o)

  2. so sweet deborah anne! i make kaitlyn promise me that i will always be her best friend!

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