Thursday, September 17, 2009

My favorite time of year...Football season...

ummm yeah I don't think so. If you know me at all you know that I am not a football fan although it sure would make Scott happy if I was. Ya know I really do try to like it but it just aint happening. Scott has tried to explain it to me over and over and I just don't get it. I don't mind going tailgating, getting together with friends to watch a game or even going to a game....I just dont understand anything that I see...its like watching a whole bunch of men running around chasing a ball.
.....Scott is going to die when he reads this blog...I surely have embarrassed him to publicly announce how retarted I am when it comes to football...
Well all that to say that I don't mind trying to make Sarah Scott a football lover....then she can sit and watch the games with Scott and I can go shop....see I have this all planned out!!!!
Some friends of ours got this cheerleading uniform for SS a while back and it is for when she gets older. I thought we would put in on her Sunday for a little luck...but as you know the Panthers got killed. She looked cute as ever though. Getting a pic of her these days is becoming impossible.
We are headed to Atl this weekend to see some friends and celebrate the arrival of Macy Brooks...many of you know the Tucker story through my blog. On Sunday Scott will be going to the Falcons/Panthers game and I hope they win...Scott would love it!!
So needless to say now that football season has arrived life at our house is what I expected. FOOTBALL...I swear it is every night. Sunday and Monday seem to be the big night but if I am thinking right Thursday there always is a game on too:). Like for instance Sunday he had like 4 games to watch and that's on top of the race....have I told you that Scott is a fan of EVERY sport that is known to man. It makes him so happy though and I love it...he wears his Panthers gear and because of fantasy football he runs back and forth from the TV to the computer checking scores all day and then I want some computer time but it is time for him to do waivers...whatever the heck that means. I tell him "just win us some money baby!!"
"This to shall pass" that is what I tell season does not last forever. I tolerate it pretty good now with a good bowl of icecream in my hands...after this baby comes though that will have to end!!!

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