Monday, September 13, 2010

Wow its been a while

It has once again been a while since I sat an blogged. I really have got to get better at this. Hamp is now 9 mths old and WOW he is a big boy. He is so stinkin cute I could eat him!!! SS and Hamp are really interacting...she is always saying "hey buddy" and really bossing him around. She loves to pull him down right after he has worked so hard at pulling up on something.
So Hamp man what are you up to:

* you weigh 23lbs 9oz (just a little side note SS was 17lbs 2oz at this age)
* you are 29 inches long (90th% on weight and height
* same sleeping and eating schedule but really enjoying your baby food
* did start you on a sippy cup and puffs and you love them
* size 5 diapers and growing out of all 12 month really need some clothes chunky love boy!!
* 8/26/2010 you pulled up and stood in your crib for the first time. Your face tells all...I think you were really proud of your self!!

* You are really trying to do very well with the walker and can go from one side of the room to the other very well.

* still saying "thah thah" aka da da and now saying nuh nuh for momma and "tha" for bye. You wave your hand and say "tha"...such a smart boy!
*you recently got a top tooth(canine) so that makes 3
* You are now on an antibx for ANOTHER double ear infection..this is your 4th in 6 months but the fluid never goes away...we are looking at tubes if you keep this up little man!!
* you have been doing the army crawl but this weekend started crawling with your belly off the floor. You and SS will crawl all over the house together "C-mon buddy" is what she will say to you!
Hamp we love you so much and you are mommas little angel boy!! I love love love you sweet boy. People always comment on how you are a happy baby and yes you are...always smiling.

Sarah Scott you are such a precious little girl. You are non stop during the day and always a BIG ball of energy. You are talking all the time and using your manners very well. You always say please and thank you and we are now working on yes mam and no mam instead of just "yes mommy." You had your first day of MDO 9/10 and did sooooo good. I told you that morning that we were going to are too smart and the entire way there said "I no wanna play mommy." However, you put your bag on and carried your lunch box in like a big girl. Mommy was sooo proud of you.

You got a new pair of rain boots and just love them. This day you wanted to wear them to the park..they don't match but you sure look cute in them.

You are becoming such a big girl. The other day you got in bed with me and daddy and said "mommy I hounree" (hungry)...I asked you what you wanted for breakfast and you said " a piece of ice cream" I told you that we don't have ice cream for breakfast so you said " a piece of ketchup" made us laugh sweet girl!

A couple of other things you love to say now is "Oh Gosh" and
"mommy its awesome." We were in the store on Friday and everything you picked up was "mommy I love this its awesome." I will be changing your diaper and you say "Oh gosh mommy." I am amazed at all the things you pick up from what I say. Tonight You said "mommy I done"...that would be with your I go to clean you up and you look at me and say "I so proud of you"....yes that is what you hear me say to you most nights when you eat well. :) could I have been almost 2 weeks without a paci and doing so well....all the thanks goes to daddy for that one!
Mommy loves spending time with you and Hamp and being home with you. We have such fun days. We have been making trips to the park alot and riding in the stroller. You love to go out side and draw on the side walk and play with Chester (the new cat that will not leave our house).
You are becoming a good mix of a girly girl who likes for mommy to curl her hair and I have caught you in my make up several a tomboy who falls and skins her knee and just goes on without a flinch. A dora band aid or "boo boo" as you call them always makes it better.
I love you angel girl! I love that you say" I hold you mommy"...always want to be in my arms angel!

Not much new with Scott and I just living the good ole married life. Scott has settled in to his new job and really seems to like it. He does a great job of being the working man during the week and taking on Mr. mom on the weekends that I work. He recently out did himself by getting rid of the paci....WOW he did awesome. I think I will make potty training his duty too!

I am still working between Trinity and University and it is going well. Its amazing how much I don't hate it the way I use to before I had kids. I think now that my days off are filled with baby time makes a huge difference. I have been working my schedule so that I basically work all my days close together which gives me 5 days off in between schedules. I like it this way. I have really been praying about where I want to go next with nursing. One thing I always wanted to do right after nursing school was work in labor and delivery or with mommas and babies post delivery. I never was able to find a job but recently have worked a couple of shifts at Trinity with moms and babies post delivery. Needless to say I have loved it and put in a word with the director to hopefully become part of the staff. I am praying for the Lord to open the doors if that is the plan he has for me. We will see.....!


  1. what a fun catch up post! Hampton is HUGE! But oh so cute! I love that stroller pic of him! SS is too cute for words and sounds like she's a blast to be with! we need to plan a time to see each other....if H needs clothes I see an outlet visit in your NEAR future:)

    Love ya!

  2. So much fun! I love all the pictures of the kids! :o) They are growing too fast...don't you just wish that we could slow down time! :o) Miss ya'll!

  3. Your kids are adorable! I'm glad work is going well and hope you can work your way into doing what you've wanted to! Way to go for hubby breaking SS of the paci!